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Camil Karam’s Yahala Studio and The Sacred Art of Collecting
The Dubai-based artist and collector filling his space with everything Arab.
We've rounded up a selection of all of the freshest and most joyful things we're adding to our carts and wishlists this week. Scroll through to get your New Year started right with a beauty, fashion and home refresh. Read more
Chatting with the sister duo behind the fine jewelry brand inspired by the desire to share a personal experience.

We’re met with the fact now more than ever that the best design is one that lasts. What could be more timeless than fine jewelry? Thoughtful and focused collections, precious materials made to last, and protective healing energy. Design duo and sisters Mariam and Dania Sawedeg of Kamushki use the craft of jewelry to communicate modern adornment and preserve their Libyan heritage. “Our brand is about what speaks to us, it’s a deeply personal experience. We’re giving a piece of us to our clients,“ says Mariam. Born in Libya, raised in Zurich, and currently based between Dubai and London, the Kamushki story is an international one fueled by a love of travel and interconnection. “Our inspiration really changes over time. At first, Kamushki started as a cultural brand, now it’s moving into a more spiritual direction. We love symbols of protection, but culture will always be a big influence for us,” says Mariam. 

Kamushki, which translates to precious stones in Russian, launched in 2014. “I was always interested in jewelry, and Dania always loved accessories. We loved fashion, but we were interested in items that you wear every day,” Mariam explains. After cultivating her skills at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in London, Mariam waited for Dania to graduate before they officially launched. Their debut collection “Wishbone” introduced the fishbone, which became an integral part of their brand story and aesthetic. In Libyan culture, the fish is a symbol of good luck that wards off the evil eye and represents freedom and happiness. Read more

The Evolution of Fashion: Pearl Edition
Exploring the fashion evolution of nature's art, pearls.
Paying homage to and exploring the work and life of the visionary architect.
The second volume of Miilkiina Music: a playlist curated by creator and founder, Junior Adesanya. Play now
Miilkiina brings forward creative and strategic solutions unattainable elsewhere.
Bianca Felicori, Behind Forgotten Architecture
What started as an architectural research Facebook group is now redefining architectural research.
Bianca is determined to unearth and revive the decadent designs of some of the most prestigious names in the field of architecture.
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A Seat at the Table With Jordan Santos
The Social Media Manager and Creator whose reach goes far beyond surface level.
Photography: Tanima Mehrota
Michael Rotimi is melanating a new face of fashion with his POC-exclusive talent agency, Offshore.

As a biracial model navigating the industry for nearly a decade, I was genuinely shocked to find a Black man at the other end of this FaceTime interview. I’ve come to assume anyone making decisions in fashion is white, and it’s no secret it’s one of the most appropriative and capitalist industries around. From Gucci’s Dapper Dan swagger-jacking and MJ’s dread-headed runway to Burberry’s “noose hoodies” galore, white fashion gods exploiting black/brown culture is as ubiquitous as a Zara knockoff, with little repercussions beyond a @diet_prada callout. The modeling industry is just as tokenized, and in starting his POC- exclusive talent agency Offshore, Michael Rotimi is melanating a new face of fashion for us by us. Sure the industry is making glacial strides in inclusivity, but while shiny campaigns feature a color board of “checked boxes:” Black, curvy, queer, Muslim, disabled, non-binary, etc., generally everyone directing the narratives from the client to the creative is still white. With Offshore, Michael’s working to level the playing field, championing his talent as “more than a face,” but as personalities, stories and creatives.

This conversation is timely, as our nation “wakes up” to its centuries-long disregard of Black lives. The same deeply-rooted systems of oppression we’re fighting in our streets exist behind the scenes. When #BLM became the leading hashtag on Instagram, brands clamored to post a black box and their most ethnically ambiguous archives to make up for seasons of whitewashed campaigns. As Michael notes, “it’s performative. When I started Offshore {in 2017}, it was tough because I only repped POC. Brands only hit me up when they needed to tick a box. But black models are hot rn.” Michael bootstrapped Offshore from a scribbled idea to a boutique agency. He runs Offshore as a brand itself, so unwavering in company ethos and aesthetic, despite being a small business, he has no qualms turning down big money jobs that don’t align. Landing clients like Fenty, Nike, Pyer Moss, however, he was ahead of his time pioneering a new industry model in an era of bandwagoning brands.   Read more

From Southside Chicago, With Love comes a gallery of selected photographs by photographer Akilah Townsend. Read more
Unveiling The Muse
Baya Mahieddine and the reclaiming of Identity
How Algerian artist, Baya Mahieddine, who influenced Picasso, reclaimed the female Arab identity from the grips of orientalism through her work.
The weekly playlist you never want to miss from our favorite creatives to you.
The first volume of Miilkiina Music: a playlist curated by the Algerian musician Losez. Play now
Not-So-Sexy with the Artist, Joseph Algieri
For Joseph Algieri, the desire to do more multiplies under extreme pressure and anxiety. Read more
Naomi interviews Jasmine Amandla, a brilliant creative, Nike’s color direction designer and the designer and founder behind Ampwata. Watch Live
Nadine Mosallam’s Work Transcends Art, Fashion, and Philanthrophy
How the model, designer, and artist sparks difficult conversations that can be a force for change.
Asking the eyewear designer and business mogul behind Roberi & Fraud and PHILÓ Eyewear all of the good questions. Watch video
Photography: Omar Sha3
Creative Direction, Modeling, and Styling: Raya Kassisieh
Holiday Dressing with Raya Kassisieh and Nafsika Skourti
Miilkiina presents a special fashion editorial Born in Amman, Jordan starring our Creative Director, Raya Kassisieh styling the very best of Nafsika Skourti's F/W '20 collection.
For Losez, his quarantine was the perfect time to dedicate to immersing himself into his music. Read more
Creative Direction: Wathek Allal
Miilkiina Presents: Cruising With The Algerian One, Losez
Take a drive with Losez while he performs a medley of songs out of his debut album, ID.
Not-So-Sexy with Zaynab Issa
From cooking to upcycling furniture, we chat with the new author of "Let's Eat" about her cookbook, life during the pandemic, and how her East African and Indian heritage has inspired her timeless recipes. Read more
Travel With Your Mouth: Let’s Eat With Zaynab Issa
The creative who has her hands in everything (from food to fashion), talks us through her recipe for fried meatballs from her new book, "Let's Eat".
Miilkiina Presents: The Beauty Evolution of Kohl Eyeliner
Adornment for the eyes, protection from harsh sun rays, and the ultimate beauty statement. Learn about the evolution of kohl eyeliner and its origins.
A reflection on how astral projection substituted the Catholic faith in my adult age.

My need to believe in something otherworldly soon shifted from the Holy Trinity to the Universe and its constellations. Like many other millennials, in my darkest times, I became obsessed with Astrology, but my half-assed commitment to understanding what I was praising became prevalent in my worship once again. Despite being on track with the most popular Astrologers of the moment and eagerly waiting for the weekly prediction to be released, I never really delved into what my specific zodiac sign actually entailed. Up until recently, the most I knew about being a Virgo was that we’re hypercritical and picky and that being born on August 24th makes me a cusp. But yet again, I was meticulous in my consumption of astrology, and I was unhealthily relying on my weekly reading to find an answer to the misfortunes affecting my life.

I was never the type to try and match my astral chart with my crush or loved one, but I did expect popular mainstream astrology to be able to tell me why things were going the way they were. Somehow, I was always able to use their general forecasting as a justification for whatever messed up pattern recurrently disrupted my well being. Clearly, my own poor choices were never taken into consideration as a crucial factor. Knowing that the Universe was the matrix of my demise or depression relieved me in the same way that I would seek comfort in God as a teenager. Read more

The Lebanese-Australian designer's work symbolizes the escapism we have all been craving in a post-pandemic world. Watch film
The Fashion Jobs Of Tomorrow
Anwar Bougroug makes a prediction about what the field of fashion will look like in a Covid-19-free world. Read more
Senay Kenfe’s Food for Thought
The artist turned community organizer is reintroducing printed matter as a tool for education, research, and community empowerment.
From organizing fundraisers and successfully supplying material for the only art program in the local school district to synthesizing educational resources into visually stimulating printed matter, down to providing fresh produce to the ones (...)
Tamila Shchur’s Appreciation of the Female Form in All it’s Glory
After years of creating stunning portrait photography, Tamila found a muse in her own mother.
With both visual and emotional depth, Tamila Shchur's work is incredibly authentic. Learn about her work and the exhibition she dedicated to her mother.
The artist debuted his first short-film as a response to the current world affairs.
Explore the cinematic masterpiece that is "BLKSOAP". Read more
Sustainability in 2020: Where Do We Stand?
We like to talk but pledges to sustainability have mostly remained just that. Do consumer’s ethical sensibilities falter right before check out or are we just simply in over our heads?
19th October 2020
Preserving Local Tradition
Lebanese Designer Salim Azzam works to preserve the delicate craft of embroidery by providing women in his community with a platform to document their stories.
Read more
14th May 2020
Turning Heads: When Fashion Meets Art, Ethical Practice and 90s Basketball Aesthetic
How Michael Jordan's 90's style and Allen Iverson's over-sized shorts have inspired this New York City designer's utilitarian, tailored approach.
Read more
5th June 2020
Our Favorite Black-Owned Fashion Brands
It's time to put our money where our mouths are and be aware of the businesses we choose to give our dollars to. Discover the global black-own fashion brands that are trail-blazing through the industry.
Read more
22nd June 2020
Not-So-Sexy Self-Isolation with Jessica Wu
From playing with makeup to keeping her small business up and running, this is how Jessica Wu is passing the time under quarantine.
Read more
16th July 2020
Beyond Toro
The Princess Elizabeth of Toro not only took the world by storm through her beauty and grace, but stood up for her country through the power of law.
Read more
12th May 2020
You Need To Know About Powerhouse Barakunan
Striving to coexist as a multichannel platform that dishes out content in various media forms, the publishing house, and media collective has taken its first few steps in the world, launching early this year.
Read more
Egyptian talent and the importance of elevating the local scene.

In the globalized world we live in, we sometimes feel we must seek our fortune far away from our original homes. Often, this leads us to sacrifice parts of our lives in order to fit into the standards of whichever industry we operate in because our autochthonous surroundings do not provide the same opportunities or space for growth and success. This gruesome reality was quickly snatched from before our eyes over the course of the past few months, as many of us were locked away in our small, overpriced city apartments. All of a sudden, the idea of moving “back home” didn’t sound that outrageous after working remotely became the norm, and Zoom provided us with the opportunity to pop bottles from the comfort of our affordable Ikea couches, without the need to spend time stressing over outfits or commuting. Sweatpants will do just fine.

But at Miilkiina, we have been taking local tradition and talent seriously since our inception, and now more than ever, the conversation must be perpetuated. Localized talent is crucial to preserving cultural tradition, the authenticity of a project, and, last but not least, in the proliferation of a sustainable method for both a particular economy and its environment. During an era where carbon emissions have become currency, it is vital to reconsider our stance on building in our own city. Not to mention that we are literally legally obligated not to cross borders until science finds a resolution for the mayhem we currently find ourselves in.
Read more

New Language
Tosan Matthews dives into predicting how today's Black Lives Matter organization and activism may shape tomorrow's lens of communcation. Read more
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