24th October 2020
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Out of the Friendzone, Into A Business Partnership
Miilkiina’s founder Nadia Azmy in conversation with Moroccan singer/songwriter ABIR.
Preserving Local Tradition
One Stitch at a Time with Salim Azzam
Lebanese Designer Salim Azzam works to preserve the delicate craft of embroidery by providing women in his community with a platform to document their stories.
Reflecting the Sun with Raya Kassisieh
Raya Kassisieh explores the intricate and indescribable emotion and feeling that the setting of the Sun invokes. Read more
Weekly Medley
The things we're eyeing and buying this week.
When Fall creeps back into our lives, a season of change slowly occurs. The leaves turn bright, beverages of choice go from iced to hot, and our wardrobe transforms. This week, we've searched far (...)
A reflection on how astral projection substituted the Catholic faith in my adult age.

My need to believe in something otherworldly soon shifted from the Holy Trinity to the Universe and its constellations. Like many other millennials, in my darkest times, I became obsessed with Astrology, but my half-assed commitment to understanding what I was praising became prevalent in my worship once again. Despite being on track with the most popular Astrologers of the moment and eagerly waiting for the weekly prediction to be released, I never really delved into what my specific zodiac sign actually entailed. Up until recently, the most I knew about being a Virgo was that we’re hypercritical and picky and that being born on August 24th makes me a cusp. But yet again, I was meticulous in my consumption of astrology, and I was unhealthily relying on my weekly reading to find an answer to the misfortunes affecting my life.

I was never the type to try and match my astral chart with my crush or loved one, but I did expect popular mainstream astrology to be able to tell me why things were going the way they were. Somehow, I was always able to use their general forecasting as a justification for whatever messed up pattern recurrently disrupted my well being. Clearly, my own poor choices were never taken into consideration as a crucial factor. Knowing that the Universe was the matrix of my demise or depression relieved me in the same way that I would seek comfort in God as a teenager. Read more

The Lebanese-Australian designer Katrine Hanna plays a beautiful rendition of Houdou' Nisbi on her beloved flute. Watch film
Words: Lara Arbid
The Lebanese-Australian designer's work symbolizes the escapism we have all been craving in a post-pandemic world. Watch film
The Fashion Jobs Of Tomorrow
Anwar Bougroug makes a prediction about what the field of fashion will look like in a Covid-19-free world. Read more
Miilkiina brings forward creative and strategic solutions unattainable elsewhere.
Senay Kenfe’s Food for Thought
The artist turned community organizer is reintroducing printed matter as a tool for education, research, and community empowerment.
From organizing fundraisers and successfully supplying material for the only art program in the local school district to synthesizing educational resources into visually stimulating printed matter, down to providing fresh produce to the ones (...)
Tamila Shchur’s Appreciation of the Female Form in All it’s Glory
After years of creating stunning portrait photography, Tamila found a muse in her own mother.
With both visual and emotional depth, Tamila Shchur's work is incredibly authentic. Learn about her work and the exhibition she dedicated to her mother.
Egyptian talent and the importance of elevating the local scene.

In the globalized world we live in, we sometimes feel we must seek our fortune far away from our original homes. Often, this leads us to sacrifice parts of our lives in order to fit into the standards of whichever industry we operate in because our autochthonous surroundings do not provide the same opportunities or space for growth and success. This gruesome reality was quickly snatched from before our eyes over the course of the past few months, as many of us were locked away in our small, overpriced city apartments. All of a sudden, the idea of moving “back home” didn’t sound that outrageous after working remotely became the norm, and Zoom provided us with the opportunity to pop bottles from the comfort of our affordable Ikea couches, without the need to spend time stressing over outfits or commuting. Sweatpants will do just fine.

But at Miilkiina, we have been taking local tradition and talent seriously since our inception, and now more than ever, the conversation must be perpetuated. Localized talent is crucial to preserving cultural tradition, the authenticity of a project, and, last but not least, in the proliferation of a sustainable method for both a particular economy and its environment. During an era where carbon emissions have become currency, it is vital to reconsider our stance on building in our own city. Not to mention that we are literally legally obligated not to cross borders until science finds a resolution for the mayhem we currently find ourselves in.
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How The Workplace Can Create Toxic
This type of patriarchy is shaping many modern workplaces for the worse, as “work-first” attitudes and aggression is still viewed as a sign of worthy leadership.
Sustainability in 2020: Where Do We Stand?
We like to talk but pledges to sustainability have mostly remained just that. Do consumer’s ethical sensibilities falter right before check out or are we just simply in over our heads?
The artist debuted his first short-film as a response to the current world affairs.
Explore the cinematic masterpiece that is "BLKSOAP". Read more
Jay James Presents “GLORY”
The Los Angeles based instrumentalist and producer releases a hypnotic track drawing inspiration from life’s yin/yang.
Naomi Accardi takes us frame by frame through this visual masterpiece.
New Language
Tosan Matthews dives into predicting how today's Black Lives Matter organization and activism may shape tomorrow's lens of communcation. Read more
Abir's "Yallah" is the rebellious pop anthem we all need.
With the HEAT EP officially out, we take you through the single "Yallah" frame by frame and talk about the irrefutably talented ABIR. Read more
Our interview with the self-proclaimed texture juggernaut and jack of all trades, Gia Seo. From art direction to content creation, Gia gets candid about her personal creative journey. Read more
Lebanon's own citizens are giving everything they have to rebuild their city. Read more
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Photography: Christopher Tomás
T.A. is the One Stop Shop You Have Been Dreaming Of
Meatpacking District boutique owner Telsha Anderson says to expect the unexpected.
A visual fashion paradise you have to see for your own eyes.
A comprehensive list of organizations and causes to support rebuilding Lebanon, now and forever. Read more
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