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15th November 2021
Avah Collective Recommends: 10 Afghan Creatives to Know
A round-up curated by the independent and global research collective. Read more
16th November 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY With Carmen Atiyah de Baets
The Amsterdam-based creative opens up on building a guesthouse, kitchen and shop with purpose, inspired by travel and creativity. Read more
25th October 2021
Words: Lara Arbid
A Miilkiina exclusive editorial unveiling the process and meaning behind Emergency Room's SS22 collection. Read more
20th October 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY With Kakra Juma Nuamah
The Toronto-based designer opens up on her outlook on work, sacred spaces, and creative balance. Read more
11th October 2021
Resistance and Revolution in the Arts
This conversation aims to discuss the power of art in global movements and to amplify creatives with purpose. Join Miilkiina's Creative Strategist and Lara Arbid (@lararbid), alongside Rhamier Shaka Balagoon (@ready4revolution), Moshtari Hilal (@mooshtarii), Ahmad Zaghmouri (@shabmouri), Yasmina Hilal (@yasminahilal_), Stephanie Sleiman (@pdfsteph), and Sudan Green (@imoutfront) at the roundtable as we discuss resistance and revolution in the arts. Watch Live
10th October 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY with Mitchell Reece
At-home and personal with the multidisciplinary artist grounded in academia and community. Read more
27th September 2021
The Planet Keeps Score: Fashion’s Role in the Age of Climate Change
Join Miilkiina's guest editor for the month, fashion commentator and Dubai-based FARFETCH stylist Osa Chabbi (@osamachabbi), moderating a discussion on the fashion industry’s responsibility in the climate crisis alongside global creatives in the sustainability space within our community and beyond. Watch Live
25th August 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY With Rotana
A force like no other, Rotana is not one to shy away from the reality of the female experience and disrupting cultural, generational, familial narratives - a taboo subject for most. Read more
29th July 2021
Two Worlds
Photography: Harshvardhan Shah
Model, Styling, Words: Anaa Saber
Makeup: Amrita Mehta
Special Thanks: Behno
An ode to South Asian talent in the diaspora starring Anaa Saber shot by Harshvardhan Shah on the rooftops and streets of Downtown Manhattan. Read more
1st June 2021
Cinema from Palestine
A round up of Palestinian films over the years documenting daily life and resistance under occupation. Read more
29th April 2021
The World of Azura Lovisa: unified and guided by storytelling
How the designer explores otherness and gives precedence to histories that counter dominant narratives. Read more
18th April 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY With Alymamah Rashed
From rituals to routines and creating instinctive art, we get intimate at-home with the Kuwaiti visual artist. Read more
31st March 2021
Miilkiina Communiity Pt. 2
This is an opportunity to recognize the change-makers that are learning, challenging, and dreaming, just like we are. Read more
8th March 2021
Miilkiina Communiity 100
This is an opportunity to recognize the change-makers that are learning, challenging, and dreaming, just like we are. Read more
5th March 2021
Dear Pandemic Ppl, Will we ever Co-Werk again?
How joining a co-working space saved my freelance life. Read more
19th February 2021
Breaking Through: Rahemur Rahman
Changing the stereotypes of what it means to be “Made in Bangladesh” by putting equity and sustainability at the forefront. Read more
8th February 2021
NOT-SO-SEXY with ygb’s Founder Marcella D. Zigbuo Camara
At-home and personal with young gifted & broke's founder, Marcella and our special partnership announcement. Read more
1st February 2021
Photography: Khalid Wildman
The London-based creative talks beauty, Black invisibility in art and his vision for January Tamarind. Read more
24th January 2021
Not-So-Sexy with Osama Chabbi
How the Dubai-based stylist and fashion insider is spending his time at home these days. Read more
8th January 2021
Not-So-Sexy with Crochet Brand Nuoya Studios’ Founder, Soraya Gunning
From googling hobbies after losing her job to setting up her own knitwear brand, we get intimate with the Amsterdam based self-taught designer. Read more
21st December 2020
Miilkiina Music: VOL 002 Playlist Curated by Junior Adesanya
The second volume of Miilkiina Music: a playlist curated by creator and founder, Junior Adesanya. Play now
9th December 2020
A Seat at the Table With Caláh Jones
Read on to get to know more about Caláh, her work, and how she keeps it positive and poppin' online. Read more
5th December 2020
Miilkiina Music: VOL 001 Playlist Curated by Losez
The first volume of Miilkiina Music: a playlist curated by the Algerian musician Losez. Play now
3rd December 2020
Not-So-Sexy with the Artist, Joseph Algieri
For Joseph Algieri, the desire to do more multiplies under extreme pressure and anxiety. Read more
20th November 2020
Not-So-Sexy with The Algerian One, Losez
For Losez, his quarantine was the perfect time to dedicate to immersing himself into his music. Read more
16th November 2020
Not-So-Sexy with Zaynab Issa
From cooking to upcycling furniture, we chat with the new author of "Let's Eat" about her cookbook, life during the pandemic, and how her East African and Indian heritage has inspired her timeless recipes. Read more
19th October 2020
Preserving Local Tradition
Lebanese Designer Salim Azzam works to preserve the delicate craft of embroidery by providing women in his community with a platform to document their stories. Read more
15th September 2020
INTERWOVEN, A Project by KOTN and Miilkiina
We partnered up with quality essentials brand KOTN for an editorial campaign to highlight extraordinary Egyptian talent. Read more
24th August 2020
This Is How You Can Help Beirut’s Fashion Industry
Lebanon's own citizens are giving everything they have to rebuild their city. Read more
10th July 2020
Roni Helou
Our interview with Roni Helou about his slow-fashion label that's making a strong bid to save his home country of Lebanon from it's waste crisis. Read more
22nd June 2020
Not-So-Sexy Self-Isolation with Jessica Wu
From playing with makeup to keeping her small business up and running, this is how Jessica Wu is passing the time under quarantine. Read more
17th June 2020
The Birth Of A Nation
Wekafore Jibril tells us about his roots, inspirations, and his powerful fight for African representation in mainstream culture. Read more
12th June 2020
Not-So-Sexy Series: Courtney Phillips
Get the inside scoop on Courtney Phillips, founder of Gumbo Media and Chicago native. As part of our "Not-So-Sexy" series, learn more about the media maven's path to peace during the pandemic. Read more
27th May 2020
Not-So-Sexy Self-Isolation with Anaa Saber
Kal Penn, banana bread, and time with family are all this New York City creative entrepreneur and model needs to get through quarantine. As part of our "Not-So-Sexy" series, discover how Anaa Saber is spending her time and navigating her work from home. Read more
12th May 2020
You Need To Know About Powerhouse Barakunan
Striving to coexist as a multichannel platform that dishes out content in various media forms, the publishing house, and media collective has taken its first few steps in the world, launching early this year. Read more
11th May 2020
A Seat at the Table With Olu Alege
For him, people run the world, and street-level research is his way of bridging the gap between capitalism and community. Read more
8th May 2020
Amandla Baraka is Here To Change the World of Film-Making
Photography: Andy Madeleine
This New Jersey native is teaching us that the only to feel truly represented is by representing yourself.  Read more
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30th July 2020
Miilkiina Studio Presents Abir Rebirth
Photography: Andy Madeleine
The multi-talented songstress has emerged from the flames and is reborn. ABIR, the Muslim, Moroccan, Arab-American pop princess is back with her best project yet.
Read more