29th June 2020
Weekly Medley: Pride Edition
Happy Pride Month! Although celebrating was a little different this year, we're making do with what we have and feel humbled by the world we're currently living in. From law reform to phasing out of lockdown(or right back into it in some places), this Pride month has been a whirlwind. In honor of our LGBTQIA community, this Weekly Medley highlights a few queer-owned brands and several other brands and retailers that are giving back to the LGBTQIA community during Pride and beyond. Enjoy!
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15th October 2020
Weekly Medley
When Fall creeps back into our lives, a season of change slowly occurs. The leaves turn bright, beverages of choice go from iced to hot, and our wardrobe transforms. This week, we've searched far and wide for our top Autumnal picks, from clothing to beauty. A BY FAR boot here, a hanahana Shea Body Butter there, this is Miilkiina's Weekly Medley for October 15th, 2020.
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14th December 2020
Weekly Medley: Holiday Edition
We've rounded up a selection of unique gifts to add to your Holiday carts this season. From Indie brands to luxury mainstays, this Medley has a little bit of something for everybody on your list(including yourself!).
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12th January 2021
Weekly Medley: Fresh Picks for 2021
We've rounded up a selection of all of the freshest and most joyful things we're adding to our carts and wishlists this week. Scroll through to get your New Year started right with a beauty, fashion and home refresh.
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8th December 2020
A Seat at the Table With Offshore Agency’s Michael Rotimi
Photography: Tanima Mehrota
Michael Rotimi is melanating a new face of fashion with his POC-exclusive talent agency, Offshore.
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7th January 2021
The Evolution of Fashion: Pearl Edition
Exploring the fashion evolution of nature's art, pearls.
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30th June 2020
Fashion Evolution: The Enduring Allure of the Slip Dress
In its minimal form, the slip dress remains an adored garment in the evolution of womenswear. Explore the transformation of this cherished gown.
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12th May 2020
The Evolution of The White Shirt
The garment once exclusively reserved for menswear has seen a cultural shift, making the evolution of one of the most classic garments undeniable.
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10th July 2020
Roni Helou
Our interview with Roni Helou about his slow-fashion label that's making a strong bid to save his home country of Lebanon from it's waste crisis.
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5th June 2020
Our Favorite Black-Owned Fashion Brands
It's time to put our money where our mouths are and be aware of the businesses we choose to give our dollars to. Discover the global black-own fashion brands that are trail-blazing through the industry.
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16th October 2020
Reflecting the Sun with Raya Kassisieh
Raya Kassisieh explores the intricate and indescribable emotion and feeling that the setting of the Sun invokes.
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19th January 2021
Farida Khelfa: From Muse to Visionary
An ode to the visionary, Farida Khelfa. Delving into the work of iconic model and muse of the 80s and 90s and her recent journery as a filmmaker.
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24th November 2020
Holiday Dressing with Raya Kassisieh and Nafsika Skourti
Photography: Omar Sha3
Creative Direction, Modeling, and Styling: Raya Kassisieh
Miilkiina presents a special fashion editorial Born in Amman, Jordan starring our Creative Director, Raya Kassisieh styling the very best of Nafsika Skourti's F/W '20 collection.
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14th February 2020
In Conversation With Pam Nasr
Directed by : Andy Madeleine
Pam Nasr on finding purpose, liberation through her mullet, and channeling self-expression in her art.
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6th October 2020
Shoe Fantasy with Katrine Hanna
The Lebanese-Australian designer's work symbolizes the escapism we have all been craving in a post-pandemic world.
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8th October 2020
Katrine Hanna Plays Houdou’ Nisbi Exclusively For Miilkiina
The Lebanese-Australian designer Katrine Hanna plays a beautiful rendition of Houdou' Nisbi on her beloved flute.
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8th September 2020
Sustainability in 2020: Where Do We Stand?
We like to talk but pledges to sustainability have mostly remained just that. Do consumer’s ethical sensibilities falter right before check out or are we just simply in over our heads?
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2nd July 2020
Gia Seo Is a Creative That Doesn’t Really Believe In “Titles”
Our interview with the self-proclaimed texture juggernaut and jack of all trades, Gia Seo. From art direction to content creation, Gia gets candid about her personal creative journey.
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21st September 2020
Tamila Shchur’s Appreciation of the Female Form in All it’s Glory
With both visual and emotional depth, Tamila Shchur's work is incredibly authentic. Learn about her work and the exhibition she dedicated to her mother.
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12th November 2020
An Introspective Journey With Creative Underdog, Aagam Kaur
The Dubai-based fashion creative, stylist, and model tells us why she is her own muse.
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13th May 2020
Noah Thomas Is Optimistic About the Future of Fashion
A sit-down with Highsnobiety Editor, Noah Thomas, about his fascination with mules, growing up in Virginia, plus his thoughts on post-pandemic fashion.
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30th November 2020
Miilkiina Interludes with Ali Mehrdad
Photography: Prod Antzoulis
Asking the eyewear designer and business mogul behind Roberi & Fraud and PHILÓ Eyewear all of the good questions.
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15th September 2020
INTERWOVEN, A Project by KOTN and Miilkiina
We partnered up with quality essentials brand KOTN for an editorial campaign to highlight extraordinary Egyptian talent.
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19th October 2020
Preserving Local Tradition
Lebanese Designer Salim Azzam works to preserve the delicate craft of embroidery by providing women in his community with a platform to document their stories.
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1st December 2020
Nadine Mosallam’s Work Transcends Art, Fashion, and Philanthrophy
How the model, designer, and artist sparks difficult conversations that can be a force for change.
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11th January 2021
The Kamushki Sisters, Between Spirituality and Symbols of Protection
Chatting with the sister duo behind the fine jewelry brand inspired by the desire to share a personal experience.
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14th May 2020
Turning Heads: When Fashion Meets Art, Ethical Practice and 90s Basketball Aesthetic
How Michael Jordan's 90's style and Allen Iverson's over-sized shorts have inspired this New York City designer's utilitarian, tailored approach.
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3rd October 2020
The Fashion Jobs Of Tomorrow
Anwar Bougroug makes a prediction about what the field of fashion will look like in a Covid-19-free world.
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17th August 2020
T.A. is the One Stop Shop You Have Been Dreaming Of
A visual fashion paradise you have to see for your own eyes.
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