15th October 2020
Weekly Medley
When Fall creeps back into our lives, a season of change slowly occurs. The leaves turn bright, beverages of choice go from iced to hot, and our wardrobe transforms. This week, we've searched far and wide for our top Autumnal picks, from clothing to beauty. A BY FAR boot here, a hanahana Shea Body Butter there, this is Miilkiina's Weekly Medley for October 15th, 2020.
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30th June 2020
Fashion Evolution: The Enduring Allure of the Slip Dress
In its minimal form, the slip dress remains an adored garment in the evolution of womenswear. Explore the transformation of this cherished gown.
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12th May 2020
The Evolution of The White Shirt
The garment once exclusively reserved for menswear has seen a cultural shift, making the evolution of one of the most classic garments undeniable.
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5th June 2020
Our Favorite Black-Owned Fashion Brands
It's time to put our money where our mouths are and be aware of the businesses we choose to give our dollars to. Discover the global black-own fashion brands that are trail-blazing through the industry.
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16th October 2020
Reflecting the Sun with Raya Kassisieh
Photos: Omar Sha3
Raya Kassisieh explores the intricate and indescribable emotion and feeling that the setting of the Sun invokes.
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14th February 2020
In Conversation With Pam Nasr
Directed by : Andy Madeleine
Pam Nasr on finding purpose, liberation through her mullet, and channeling self-expression in her art.
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6th October 2020
Shoe Fantasy with Katrine Hanna
Words: Lara Arbid
The Lebanese-Australian designer's work symbolizes the escapism we have all been craving in a post-pandemic world.
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8th October 2020
Katrine Hanna Plays Houdou’ Nisbi Exclusively For Miilkiina
The Lebanese-Australian designer Katrine Hanna plays a beautiful rendition of Houdou' Nisbi on her beloved flute.
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2nd July 2020
Gia Seo Is a Creative That Doesn’t Really Believe In “Titles”
Photography: Nathan Sweet
Our interview with the self-proclaimed texture juggernaut and jack of all trades, Gia Seo. From art direction to content creation, Gia gets candid about her personal creative journey.
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21st September 2020
Tamila Shchur’s Appreciation of the Female Form in All it’s Glory
With both visual and emotional depth, Tamila Shchur's work is incredibly authentic. Learn about her work and the exhibition she dedicated to her mother.
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