20th October 2021
The Controversy of Clothing: A Conversation on Policing Muslim Women’s Bodies, Freedom, and Rights
Join Hafsa Lodi (@hafsalodi), alongside Junaynah AlGuthmy (@junaynaah), Lamisa Khan (@trustmebaba), Marwa Atik (@marwaatik) and Maria Al-Sadek (@mariaalia) at the roundtable as we discuss The Controversy of Clothing: A Conversation on Policing Muslim Women’s Bodies, Freedom, and Rights. This conversation puts into question, if fashion is freedom of expression, why is there an enduring resistance to what Muslim women wear?
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11th October 2021
Resistance and Revolution in the Arts
This conversation aims to discuss the power of art in global movements and to amplify creatives with purpose. Join Miilkiina's Creative Strategist and Lara Arbid (@lararbid), alongside Rhamier Shaka Balagoon (@ready4revolution), Moshtari Hilal (@mooshtarii), Ahmad Zaghmouri (@shabmouri), Yasmina Hilal (@yasminahilal_), Stephanie Sleiman (@pdfsteph), and Sudan Green (@imoutfront) at the roundtable as we discuss resistance and revolution in the arts.
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8th October 2021
Creative Awakening and Newfound Purpose
Join Miilkiina's Creative Strategist and Editor Lara Arbid (@lararbid) alongside Lutfi Janania (@lutfi_janania), Anita Chhiba (@achhib), Amad Mian (@amadmiaan), and Sarah Ben Romdane (@sarahbre__) as we discuss creative awakening and newfound purpose.  This conversation aims to amplify multi-hyphenates navigating today’s world — those who switched up their career, fought professional obstacles, found a new calling, or have finally created their own space where work feels valuable and true to their authentic self.
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4th October 2021
The Future of Artistic Visions
This conversation aims to unpacks and challenges these codes, explore fashion education, the power of youth, and identify the visions and values that will outlive any hype.
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27th September 2021
The Planet Keeps Score: Fashion’s Role in the Age of Climate Change
Join Miilkiina's guest editor for the month, fashion commentator and Dubai-based FARFETCH stylist Osa Chabbi (@osamachabbi), moderating a discussion on the fashion industry’s responsibility in the climate crisis alongside global creatives in the sustainability space within our community and beyond.
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3rd June 2021
Miilkiina has the honor to open our platform for a virtual forum discussion on Palestinian liberation. Join our community in Palestine and beyond on Thursday, June 3rd at 9pm GST / 1pm EST on Miilkiina.com/live as they discuss Palestinian resistance, collective grief, and hope. Hosted by Noor El Khaldi (@noore) in conversation with Meera Adnan … Continue reading "MIILKIINA VIRTUAL FORUM: PALESTINIAN LIBERATION"
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1st June 2021
Up-and-Coming Directors: in Partnership with @Watch.Argo
It’s not too late to watch @watch.argo’s latest 4 film playlist release Up-and-Coming Directors, showcasing the films of @steffieyee, @kaluoj, @zainduraie, and @mariamdwedar.
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29th March 2021
Smoky Quartz: Kennedi Carter in Conversation with Gouled Ahmed
Join Durham-based photographer Kennedi Carter (@internetbby) and stylist Gouled Ahmed (@xawaashking) for another episode of #SmokyQuartz curated by Marcella D. Zigbuo Camara (@mars.is.bored)
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24th March 2021
Visual Arts and Fashion, The Message Behind The Garment
FInal Day 6 of Miilkiina Fashion Week discussing the relationship between visual art and fashion moderated by Jason Nicco-Annan(@jasonthejpeg). In conversation with Shannon Maldonado of @helloyowie, Osama Mootassem(@samutasem) of @nvrfrgttn, Edmund Mallari(@nottinottinotti), Kim Nguyen of @ngyeninc and Arianna Ablondi Pedretti(@ariannaablondipedretti) of @tytm8.
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4th March 2021
Identity, Nationality and Profession in the Arts
In conversation with Wekafor Jibril (@wekafore), Cynthia Merhej (@cynthiamerhej) of (@renaissance_renaissance), Rahemur Rahman (@rahemurrahman), Nikki Martinez (@highkeyz), Arwa Al Banawi and Bunyamin Aydin of (@lesbenjamins).
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1st March 2021
Community Care: Townhall presented by LifeWTR
The panel touches on creativity, surrounding influences, and the value of collaboration and creative communities, among many other essential topics.
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26th February 2021
Virtual-Fashion: The Rise of Digital Influencers and Digital Fashion Shows
Day 4 of Miilkiina Fashion Week discusses “Virtual Fashion: The Rise of Digital Influencers and Cyber Fashion Shows”. Our panelists are: @esthermkofficial and Digital Fashion Week founders @omar_braika and @wifirider. Moderated by our very own @naomiaccardi.
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25th February 2021
What Seasons? Traditional Fashion Calendar and the Drop System
Moderated by Miilkiina’s Editorial Strategist Naomi Accardi, in conversation with Ahmad Alwohaibi of 2D2C2M, Nadine Mosallam, Kacey Lynch of Bricks and Wood, Wathek Allal of Precious Trust, Roni Helou.
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22nd February 2021
Brands and Social Media: The Evolution of Fashion in the Digital Space
Day 2 of Miilkiina Fashion Week with members of @miilkiina’s very own community discussing Brands, Social Media and the evolution of fashion in the digital space. Moderated by Osama Chabbi and in conversation with Dara Hamarneh, Roxanne Navai of RX Studio, Noor Elkhaldi, Soraya Gunning of Nuoya Studios, and Nicholas Bailey.
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17th February 2021
How to Make It: Breaking Into The Fashion Industry on Your Own
Kicking off Miilkiina Fashion Week with members of @miilkiina’s very own community discussing breaking into the fashion industry.  In conversation with @telshaanderson of @t.a.newyork, @stephen.tayo, @kakra.pdf of @outnumber_official, and @ndjolijean, moderated by @lararbid.
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15th February 2021
The Art of Abolition
Hosted by Marcella Camara, founder of young gifted & broke, this episode discusses using art to further abolition and equity for Black individuals globally in conversation with K Agbebiyi and Jade Wilson.
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26th January 2021
Redefining Cultural Beauty Standards
A live conversation exploring beauty standards and creative representation in Egypt. Hosted by Lara Arbid, in conversation with Iman Eldeeb and Yousra Eldeeb of UNN Models, photographer Malak El Sawi, and Miilkiina founder Nadia Azmy.
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2nd December 2020
Lunch Time with Naomi (EPISODE 004): With Jasmine Amandla
Naomi interviews Jasmine Amandla, a brilliant creative, Nike’s color direction designer and the designer and founder behind Ampwata.
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13th November 2020
Lunch Time with Naomi (EPISODE 001): With Wekafore
Naomi interviews Wekafore, a multi-hyphenated creative running multiple projects spanning from fashion to music and nightlife.
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6th November 2020
Intervention: The USA Election
A live virtual open forum on the USA election and the collective experience our American community is going through. Hosted by photojournalist, Aditi Mayer, in conversation with Dorian, Zoe Rayn, Nick Vicente, and Sean Terris.
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24th June 2020
What Now?
A virtual open forum conversation about racial injustice, systemic oppression, education, community, and how we move forward from here. Hosted by Olu Alege (@olualege), Founder of No Noise (@nonoise.co).
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28th May 2020
Creative Community and Mentorship
Moderated by Nadia Azmy, in conversation with Naomi Accardi, Amandla Baraka, Noah Thomas, Evelynn Escobar-Thomas and Anaa Saber.
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28th May 2020
Innovation in Entrepreneurship
Moderated by Diarrha N'Diaye, in conversation with Yara Flinn, Abena Boamah, Olivia Rose, Jameela Elfaki and Marta Freedman.
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28th May 2020
Cultural Reset and Story-Telling
Moderated by Zeba Blay, in conversation with Mecca Williams, Michael Rotimi, Marjon Carlos, Courtney Yates, Mohammed Fayaz and Sara Elgamal.
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28th May 2020
Sustainable Solutions
Moderated by Céline Semaan, in conversation with Shivam Punjya, Mariam AlSibai, Mackenzie Yeates and Orsola De Castro.
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28th May 2020
Navigating Work Right Now
Moderated by Céline Semaan, in conversation with Mariam Alsibai, Shivam Punjya, Mackenzie Yeates and Orsola de Castro.
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