Community Care: Miilkiina x YGB Townhall presented by LifeWTR

“Community Care” is moderated by @YoungGiftedandBroke’s founder and creative director Marcella D. Zigbuo Camara (@marsisbored) and is joined by Sudan Green (@spiritsupllc), Akilah Townsend (@killls), Helen Pena (@orangemoon), Jaron Jones (@1flyjones), Siliza Tremor (@thewiredheart), Giovanni Mourni (@giovanni.mourin), and Honey (@differentwrld) in a conversation that aims to explore BIPOC creative communities and their processes in this pandemic era world.

Presented in collaboration with @LIFEWTR, the panel touches on creativity, surrounding influences, and the value of collaboration and creative communities, among many other essential topics in today’s world.

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