Lara Arbid

Lara Arbid is a writer, curator, and stylist. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Lara's unique style is visible throughout her work. You can follow her here.

22nd November 2021
Miilkiina presents a gallery of selected photographs by Oumayma Tanfous, the Tunisian-born, New York and Montreal based photographer whose work bridges reality and art. Read more
25th October 2021
A Miilkiina exclusive editorial unveiling the process and meaning behind Emergency Room's SS22 collection. Read more
18th October 2021
Fragments of the Revolution
A gallery of selected photographs by Myriam Boulos. Read more
15th June 2021
Dara Hamarneh’s Virtual Bag Tour
The Jordanian label on the rise brings a new meaning to luxury in a fast-paced digital age- where wearability is intended and quality is never compromised. Read more
1st June 2021
Cinema from Palestine
A round up of Palestinian films over the years documenting daily life and resistance under occupation. Read more
4th May 2021
The First Light
Seven friends of Miilkiina share their early morning Suhoor practices, rituals, and traditions throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. Read more
31st March 2021
Miilkiina Communiity Pt. 2
This is an opportunity to recognize the change-makers that are learning, challenging, and dreaming, just like we are. Read more
26th March 2021
With a Camera and a Vision, Short-Films are the Gateway for Powerful Storytelling
Home of the short film, streaming platform Argo releases a playlist on up-and-coming directors Read more
8th March 2021
Miilkiina Communiity 100
This is an opportunity to recognize the change-makers that are learning, challenging, and dreaming, just like we are. Read more
19th October 2020
Preserving Local Tradition
Lebanese Designer Salim Azzam works to preserve the delicate craft of embroidery by providing women in his community with a platform to document their stories. Read more
6th October 2020
Shoe Fantasy with Katrine Hanna
The Lebanese-Australian designer's work symbolizes the escapism we have all been craving in a post-pandemic world. Watch film
24th August 2020
This Is How You Can Help Beirut’s Fashion Industry
Lebanon's own citizens are giving everything they have to rebuild their city. Read more
10th July 2020
Roni Helou
Our interview with Roni Helou about his slow-fashion label that's making a strong bid to save his home country of Lebanon from it's waste crisis. Read more
14th May 2020
Kareem Rahma
A multi-hyphenate always 10 steps ahead, Kareem Rahma discusses his creative process and ventures, including the Museum of Pizza and his book, We Were Promised Flying Cars. Read more
12th May 2020
You Need To Know About Powerhouse Barakunan
Striving to coexist as a multichannel platform that dishes out content in various media forms, the publishing house, and media collective has taken its first few steps in the world, launching early this year. Read more