Naomi Accardi

Editorial strategist, writer and Senior Culture Editor at Miilkiina. Naomi is based in Milan and her writing focuses primarily on costume, sports, and culture. Her practice is the direct result of her curiosity and interest in finding answers to the topics she’s passionate about, hoping to spark the same feeling in the reader. You can visit her website or follow her on Instagram here.

6th May 2021
Documenting the Black Experience
Shamshawan Scott’s relatable community narration. Read more
14th April 2021
Stainless VITALITY
Miilkiina presents an exclusive fashion editorial of Vitaly’s Spring Summer 2021 Campaign G3N3S1S. Read more
12th April 2021
Fluid Sensuality
A Miilkiina exclusive editorial featuring the highly-coveted Toronto-based label. Read more
7th April 2021
Ropa Vieja, An Ode to the Ordinary
Photographer Laura Gauch immortalized Cuba’s everyday life while savoring the flavor of the island. Read more
31st March 2021
Miilkiina Communiity Pt. 2
This is an opportunity to recognize the change-makers that are learning, challenging, and dreaming, just like we are. Read more
24th February 2021
There’s Something About Dara Hamarneh
The contemporary line of luxury handbags that we’re currently coveting. Read more
11th February 2021
Exploring Virtual Intimacy in Khaki is Not Leather
Director-Duo Konyin Ayuba and Ray Smiling explore the “new normal” through a lusty filter. Read more
21st January 2021
Chiara Mottironi’s photo series documenting Banger Racing in rural Great Britain. Read more
16th December 2020
Bianca Felicori, Behind Forgotten Architecture
Bianca is determined to unearth and revive the decadent designs of some of the most prestigious names in the field of architecture. Read more
9th December 2020
Inferno, An Ode To The Ambivalence Of Arab Womanhood
If with “Rebirth,” Abir yelled out she’s tired of the constraining narrative surrounding Arab and Muslim women, “Inferno” is the battering ram tearing down those walls. Read more
7th December 2020
Akilah Townsend
From Southside Chicago, With Love comes a gallery of selected photographs by photographer Akilah Townsend. Read more
23rd September 2020
Senay Kenfe’s Food for Thought
From organizing fundraisers and successfully supplying material for the only art program in the local school district to synthesizing educational resources into visually stimulating printed matter, down to providing fresh produce to the ones in need during the pandemic, Senay’s philanthropic hustle is a product of the circumstances that raised him. Read more
15th September 2020
INTERWOVEN, A Project by KOTN and Miilkiina
We partnered up with quality essentials brand KOTN for an editorial campaign to highlight extraordinary Egyptian talent. Read more
2nd September 2020
Jay James Presents “GLORY”
Naomi Accardi takes us frame by frame through this visual masterpiece. Read more
1st September 2020
Darryl Daley’s BLK Soap Is A Visual, Social Commentary Of The Black Experience
Explore the cinematic masterpiece that is "BLKSOAP". Read more
17th August 2020
T.A. is the One Stop Shop You Have Been Dreaming Of
A visual fashion paradise you have to see for your own eyes. Read more
7th August 2020
A Shot In the Dark
With the HEAT EP officially out, we take you through the single "Yallah" frame by frame and talk about the irrefutably talented ABIR. Read more
3rd August 2020
Inferno, An Ode To The Ambivalence Of Arab Womanhood
If with “Rebirth,” Abir yelled out she’s tired of the constraining narrative surrounding Arab and Muslim women, “Inferno” is the battering ram tearing down those walls. Read more
18th July 2020
The American Artist Reclaiming the Centennial Tradition of Quilting
Naomi Accardi interviews Michael C. Thorpe on the luminaries that inspire his work and how switching artistic mediums brought him to the art of quilting. Read more
17th June 2020
The Birth Of A Nation
Wekafore Jibril tells us about his roots, inspirations, and his powerful fight for African representation in mainstream culture. Read more
14th May 2020
Turning Heads: When Fashion Meets Art, Ethical Practice and 90s Basketball Aesthetic
How Michael Jordan's 90's style and Allen Iverson's over-sized shorts have inspired this New York City designer's utilitarian, tailored approach. Read more
11th May 2020
Seeking Romance 2.0: Love In The Time of COVID-19
What happens to the quest for companionship when the world comes to a screeching halt? Naomi Accardi gives her Sex and the City inspired take on dating during COVID-19. Read more