Naomi Accardi

Naomi Accardi is a Milan based brand strategist and writer focusing on costume, sports, and culture. Her practice is the direct result of her curiosity and interest in finding answers to the topics she’s passionate about, hoping to spark the same feeling in the reader. Naomi has contributed to titles such as Mundial Magazine, Season Zine, Refinery29, British Vogue, and more, all while juggling creative projects within the fashion industry.  You can visit her website or follow her on Instagram here.

7th August 2020
A Shot In the Dark
With the HEAT EP officially out, we take you through the single "Yallah" frame by frame and talk about the irrefutably talented ABIR. Read more
3rd August 2020
Inferno, An Ode To The Ambivalence Of Arab Womanhood
If with “Rebirth,” Abir yelled out she’s tired of the constraining narrative surrounding Arab and Muslim women, “Inferno” is the battering ram tearing down those walls. Read more
11th May 2020
Seeking Romance 2.0: Love In The Time of COVID-19
What happens to the quest for companionship when the world comes to a screeching halt? Naomi Accardi gives her Sex and the City inspired take on dating during COVID-19. Read more
18th July 2020
The American Artist Reclaiming the Centennial Tradition of Quilting
Naomi Accardi interviews Michael C. Thorpe on the luminaries that inspire his work and how switching artistic mediums brought him to the art of quilting. Read more
17th June 2020
The Birth Of A Nation
Wekafore Jibril tells us about his roots, inspirations, and his powerful fight for African representation in mainstream culture. Read more
14th May 2020
Turning Heads: When Fashion Meets Art, Ethical Practice and 90s Basketball Aesthetic
How Michael Jordan's 90's style and Allen Iverson's over-sized shorts have inspired this New York City designer's utilitarian, tailored approach. Read more