Valeriya Chupinina

Valeriya is a writer and Managing Editor based in Brooklyn. She's obsessed with everything from beauty to wellness—never limiting her writing to one interest. She has written for a number of publications including Coveteur, HYPEBAE, The Chill Times, and Sporteluxe. You can follow her here.

2nd July 2020
The Healthy Skin Essentials We Can’t Live Without
Glass skin. A glow from within. Luminous without even trying. We dedicate a lot of time to making sure our beauty routines are supplemented with skincare products that allow our faces to become works of art. There's an endless array of items to choose from to achieve the acclaimed rank of glass skin, so we've decided to round-up some of our current favorites from you. From KNC Beauty to La Mer, let's get this healthy skin! Read more
2nd July 2020
Gia Seo Is a Creative That Doesn’t Really Believe In “Titles”
Our interview with the self-proclaimed texture juggernaut and jack of all trades, Gia Seo. From art direction to content creation, Gia gets candid about her personal creative journey. Read more
18th June 2020
Quentin Felder Is Turning Photography Into Therapy
Our interview with Brooklyn-based photographer Quentin Felder on dream clients, advice for aspiring photographers, and his project 'Familiar Faces'. Read more
13th May 2020
Noah Thomas Is Optimistic About the Future of Fashion
A sit-down with Highsnobiety Editor, Noah Thomas, about his fascination with mules, growing up in Virginia, plus his thoughts on post-pandemic fashion. Read more