Last Spring we met with the Honduran botanical artist Lutfi Janania in his New York city apartment for our second signature In Conversation series. The creative opened up about growing up on a bioreserve among the rainforest and mountains of San Pedro Sula, and how that shaped a sensitivity to understanding natural materials. Lutfi arrived in New York city with two suitcases, originally to be a fashion stylist but began receiving commissions for his botanical sculptures. He has since launched his studio ROSALILA, and has been distinguished for creating modern totems in tribute to the ethereal- what he describes as a collaboration with light and gravity, weight and balance.


Creative Director: Nadia Azmy
Director and Director of Photography: Andy Madeleine
Camera Assistants: Andrew Remdenok, Gabby Aguirre
Edited By: Andy Madeleine
Colorist: Manny Orroyo