Miilkiina Virtual Forum: Palestinian Liberation

Miilkiina has the honor to open our platform for a virtual forum discussion on Palestinian liberation. Join our community in Palestine and beyond on Thursday, June 3rd at 9pm GST / 1pm EST on Miilkiina.com/live as they discuss Palestinian resistance, collective grief, and hope. Hosted by Noor El Khaldi (@noore) in conversation with Meera Adnan (@meera.adnan.label) Clarissa Bitar (@clyahalaarissabitar) Adam Haj Yahia (@kimikku) Camil Karam (@yahala.studio) Ayah Bazian (@ayahbazian) Rami Afifi (@rami.art) Dima Srouji (@dimasrouji) Yasmine Daas (@yasminadaas) Lana AlBeik (@lana_.jpg) Yasmeen Mjalli (@nolcollective) Yousef Mema (@joegaza93) and Maria Al-Sadek (@mariaalia)

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7 thoughts on “Live”

  1. 1000% the information is out there, it is on us (Jewish, White, American) allies to augment and share the work that has been done by Palestinian activists like you all to hold Zionist institutions accountable. Thank you for the work that you do.

  2. I am a Palestinian having grown up in the diaspora. I’m a filmmaker and virtual reality designer and am in development on a VR/film project about Palestine and will hopefully be in the west bank in the fall. My research right now is about what the most important and potent message can be in telling our story. If I could ask everyone here, “What is the most important message for a western audience, specifically Americans, to hear?”

  3. You bring up an important point about art which had been a huge and important factor in the movement but do you think there’s a need for more bold and aggressive art?

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