Miilkiina stands in solidarity with Palestine and we encourage the international community to not be complicit against the human’s rights crimes of occupation, colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

We’ve compiled a few comprehensive lists of ways you can help and places to donate to. Below are a number of incredible resources and organizations that  are providing support and medical relief on the ground. 

Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

A Non-Profit Humanitarian organization providing medical relief to children in the Middle East.

Medical Aid for Palestinians 

Working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. 

Rebuilding Alliance 

A vision to realize a just and enduring peace in Palestine and Israel founded upon equal rights, equal security and equal opportunity for all. 

Islamic Relief USA

Non-Profit Organization.

Palestinian Medical Relief Soc

Grassroots NGO committed to ensuring all Palestinians have the right to equitable health. 

Siege in Palestine Emergency Aid 

A humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering lives and bringing social change. 

We encourage our community to deepen their understanding of the Palestinian struggle. Below are some suggested and reliable news sources:

Let’s Talk Palestine

Community organization and new thinking for collective liberation. 


Giving you access to untold stories, facts, and expert sources on all things Palestine – politics, culture, art and activism. 

Eye On Palestine

Media and news company raising awareness on Palestine. 

Visualizing Palestine

Non-Profit organization, visual stories for social justice. 

Middle East Matters

Youth organization striving to amplify, advocate, and assist. 

Craving Palestine

Narrating the stories of Palestine, elevating Palestinian voices. 

Jewish Voice For Peace

Jews and allies working for liberation and justice in Palestine. 

Middle East Eye

Independent coverage from the Middle East and North Africa. 

Wear The Peace

Community organization working to provide humanitarian relief. 

Follow and support the voices on the ground risking their lives to be heard, and the Palestinian diaspora.

We’ve also compiled a list of Palestinian artists, designers and creatives to support now and always for Palestinian liberation. 

In the last few weeks, several businesses and storefronts have been destroyed. Below are a few donation links to support and help rebuild.