The destination for creative professionals; storytelling, brand solutions, and authentic representation.

Miilkiina was born out of a personal and intimate need for a space that creators and collaborators could call home. With its dual existence in the realms of both community and business, Miilkiina’s creativity, innovation, and communal fabric set it apart.

We offer 360° end-to-end creative services or the option to pick and choose from our à la carte menu of services to create your custom brand solution. Miilkiina brings forward creative and strategic solutions unattainable elsewhere. We are here to service you.

Critical Thinktank:
Our Services

Through digital strategy and creative ideas, our aim is to design inspirational content that drives culture – utilizing diverse storytelling while collaborating with the industry’s leading creatives. With a breadth of industry expertise, our team specializes in identifying emerging trends and consumer habits.

From in-house editorial content to event production and influencer seeding, our team executes end-to-end creative and cultural consulting services, working hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they’ve successfully made a positive impact on the community.

Strategic Solutions

Editorial / Social / Digital / Creative / Press


Creative / Image / Cultural / Fashion / Diverse Think-Tank

Creative Solutions

Identity / Voice / Brand Development / Image Consulting


Experiential Events / Influencer Seeding / Gifting / Partnerships


Campaign / Lookbook / Photoshoot / Video


Cultural Canvassing / Community Building / Global Cultural Insights