Miilkiina is a digital media space and creative agency that cultivates and spotlights global tastemakers and trailblazers. By representing an emerging generation of creative professionals through a holistic lens, we are able to access unique and substantial stories from around the world. Miilkiina disrupts the traditional means of editorial reporting through intricate narratives and purposeful storytelling.  Miilkiina is for the imaginative souls, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, and admirers of the arts. Those who have been searching for a space to nurture their fiery spirit and passions, seeing a reflection of themselves in places they dream of reaching. You have reached your destination. Welcome home.


Creative Director: Nadia Azmy
Director and Director of Photography: Andy Madeleine
Camera Assistants: Andrew Remdenok, Gabby Aguirre
Edited By: Andy Madeleine
Colorist: Manny Orroyo